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Dienste Avanza Traducciones

Avanza Traducciones is an International Language Services company located in Madrid. For over six years, has offered to companies and individuals complete Translation and Interpreting Services in all areas of specialization and in over 20 languages. With a skilled commercial and production team together with experienced native-speaking professional translators, Avanza Traducciones is the right choice to meet the translation needs of any company, for trade shows, events, conventions and congresses. In the translation sector, they work with more than 20 languages, in direct and reverse combination of Spanish, English and French. In all the areas: Legal, Financial, Technical, Software,Advertising and Sworn Transaltion. In the interpreting area, Avanza Traducciones provides consecutive, simultaneous, liaison and sworn types. Additional Services In addition to translation and interpreting, they also offer the following services in order to provide clients with integral language services for their projects, without having to worry about the details: • Text Layout and Design • Writing and Composition • Audio/video transcription • Subtitling • Interpreting Booths • Sound technicians • Hosts - Interpreters • Catering - Organisation

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